Camix Prizm
virtual camera data streaming
  • any video camera (professional equipment, webcams)
  • any suitable tracking system (HTC Vive, Antilatency, OptiTrack etc.)
  • any XR solution (Unreal Engine, Zero Density, Aximmetry, Disguise)

How it works
  • zoom\focus dependent extended distortion calibration
  • zoom\focus dependent camera position calibration
  • zoom\focus dependent focus distance calibration
  • global coordinate system calibration
  • filtering and delaying tracking\lens encoders data
  • synchronized data transfer via Freed\OSC
  • creating a calibration file for a lens\camera set

Camix Gear
zoom / focus / iris digital encoder
  • base accuracy — 65K CPR
  • data acquisition frequency — 240 Hz
  • configurable accuracy — up to 262K CPR
  • mounts on 15mm rigs or lens adapter
  • connection via USB Type-C

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