virtual camera calibration system
configuring, calibrating, streaming
What is Prizm
Prizm — solution (hardware + software) for configuring, calibrating and streaming virtual camera state data. The solution allows you to connect almost any existing tracking system (tracking position, rotation, zoom, focus values), calibrate set lens + camera (including such data as lens distortion, virtual camera point position, field of views, focusing distance) and stream the exact state of the virtual camera using FreeD D1, MoSys F4, OSC, JSON, XML protocols.

How it works
Prizm works like a... prizm. As a collecting prizm: combines data
from camera, tracking system, lens encoders, sync generator
to virtual camera state (position, rotation, field of view, lens distortion etc.)
How it works
Prizm works like a... prizm. As a collecting prizm: combines data
from camera, tracking system, lens encoders, sync generator
to virtual camera state (position, rotation, field of view, lens distortion etc.)
One of the most important tasks of virtual camera tracking — calibration.

Prizm allows you to calibrate any set of lens + camera in 30 minutes!
Calibration file contains zoom focus dependent information about:

  • lens distortion (radial distortion model with K1, K2, K3 etc. params)
  • position and rotation of virtual camera point (without any additional offsets)
  • virtual camera field of view (HFOV, VFOV, focal length, matrix size)
  • focus plane distance (precision distance from virtual camera point)
  • environment axes position and rotation (zero point and axes direction)

After changing the position or replacing the tracker,
recalibration takes no more than 5 minutes!
Full control over tracking data:
  • clamp and smoothing filters
  • tracking data adjustments
  • tracking data delay

Fast and accurate lens + camera and environment axes calibration:
  • lens distortion at dynamic zoom / focus
  • virtual camera position / rotation at dynamic zoom / focus
  • virtual camera HFOV / VFOV / focal length at dynamic zoom / focus
  • focus plane distance at dynamic zoom / focus
  • environment position / rotation

Full control over streaming data:
  • setting environment axes
  • setting units of measure
  • streaming data delay

Supported tracking systems
Supported tracking systems
Supported encoders
Supported encoders
Supported 3D engines
Supported 3D engines
Can I make a lens file?
Yes! With a simple, fast and accurate calibration procedure, you can create a lens + camera calibration file — virtual camera calibration file.
How to set up a virtual camera in a 3D engine?
Camix Prizm sends data via FreeD and OCS protocols. Using FreeD (D1), you get the exact position of virtual camera point, but you do not get any other calibration data (the protocol does not support this). Using OCS, you get ready-made data about the state of the virtual camera, you just need to receive them via OCS and bind to the same parameters of the virtual camera.
Can I set coordinate system position and rotation?
With calibration procedure, you can specify the zero point (origin of the coordinate system) and the direction of the axes (right, up, forward).
Is it possible to calibrate a lens with «live focusing‎»‎?
Yes, calibration means that all calibrated parameters (lens distortion, position and rotation of virtual camera point, field of view, focal plane distance) depend on both zoom and focus values.
Can I track the camera outdoors?
Prizm allows you to use a variety of tracking systems. Some of them are suitable for outdoor use: Movicom Robycam, Mo-Sys e-Sensor tripod, CV-Support tripod, Intel RealSense T265, etc.
Can I calibrate a photo lens without gear rings?
You can use Сamix Gear encoders with a toothed ring of a folow focus system or similar.
high precision external ZIF encoder
What is Gear
Gear is a high-precision encoder for the position of the zoom / iris / focus rings.
Encoders comes with gears that fit most lenses (0.4M, 0.5M, 0.6M, 0.8M).

  • accuracy — 131K CPR
  • data acquisition frequency — 120 Hz
  • mounts on 15mm rigs
  • connection via USB Type-C

ZIF encoder for smart lenses
What is Servo
Servo is an encoder for lenses with digital output.

  • data acquisition frequency — 120 Hz
  • connection via USB Type-C
  • support Canon, Fujinon lenses with virtual output

camera tracking accessories
Laser rangefinder rig
Encoder mount rig
Encoder mount extender rig
Active LED tag
Mo-Sys e-Sensor tripod rig
Antilatency tracker rig
HTC Vive tracker rig
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